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April 17, 2004


stephen mizelas

Dear Vanessa,

We are hoping to film at an auction house in Reading, BERKS, but want to give the programme a sense of place and history. So, I thought it would be interesting to try and find a contributor who might be selling something connected to Oscar Wilde, who spent a while in Reading prison. Would you know of someone who might be willing to be filmed selling an item, possibly a first edition of "Ballad of Reading gaol" and talk to us about it, or possibly even show us, their collection?

The auction we're filming in Reading, Berks takes place on MONDAY 18 OCT. We would also need to film an interview with the person at the auction rooms on one of the days leading up to it - Fri - Sun 15-17Oct. But once we have people interested & know their availability we can discuss firm days and times.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Stephen Mizelas
Assistant Producer
Name Your Price

Lion Television
Lion House
26 Paddenswick Road

Tel: 07949019375

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